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weeknotes #4: gaslit by apple maps

by Kara Brightwell

1.hello from the surrey hills

  • we are camping and it is raining, a lot
  • i just barbecued some smoked mackerel fillets and oh my god. then they got rained on and we ate them in the car
  • last time we came here apple maps navigated us to a dead end seven miles away and then said “you have arrived”, very clearly nowhere near the pin on the map
    • imagine being gaslit by apple maps
    • this time we got it to give directions to the pub in the village
  • we put a kettle on and almost immediately ran out of butane. and then it got rained on
  • i love it here

2. i sold a lens to a friend of a friend

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weeknotes #3: business horoscopes

by Kara Brightwell

content warning: wild animal injury

1. been watching the Fast & Furious films with friends

  • once a week, on a sunday afternoon
  • we sync up the films, hit play, and pretend we're mst3k via Slack
  • they're actually pretty good, even the bad ones
  • also i'm spotting how much of an influence they had on the Need For Speed franchise in the early 00s
  • speaking of which:
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