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  • weeknotes #3: business horoscopes

    content warning: wild animal injury

    1. been watching the Fast & Furious films with friends

    • once a week, on a sunday afternoon
    • we sync up the films, hit play, and pretend we’re mst3k via Slack
    • they’re actually pretty good, even the bad ones
    • also i’m spotting how much of an influence they had on the Need For Speed franchise in the early 00s
    • speaking of which:

    2. i’ve been playing a lot of Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2005)

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  • weeknotes #1: fried liver attack


    • hahaha funny ironic meta blogging joke

    2. okay so i’m the Tech Lead of the FT.com Platforms Team now, what’s up with that

    • my(!) team solves common developer problems so every other team can spend time doing not that
    • we own a lot of stuff, like seventy repositories out of the three hundred ish in the Customer Products group
    • we’re a fairly new team, there were predecessor teams but basically none of the knowledge about what we own has survived
    • we’ve got a lot of catching up to do! we started rewriting our documentation last year and we have a hitlist of what knowledge we’re missing
    • but also we’ve jumped in the deep end with a beeg rewrite of the FT.com developer tooling
      • the line i use in presentations is “they’re used literally every day by literally every developer in Customer Products, and they’re broken”
      • they’re actually public, that’s odd
      • this week is the second “mob programming” week we’ve done on this project
        • we cancelled all our meetings
        • we set some goals
        • we worked on VS Code Live Share (for a couple of hours at a time! pairing is exhausting, remote pairing is gggggggggggg)
        • we’ve written more than a thousand fucking lines of code with three developers in one week, what the heck
      • find out next time on dragonball z
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