weeknotes #4: gaslit by apple maps

1.hello from the surrey hills

  • we are camping and it is raining, a lot
  • i just barbecued some smoked mackerel fillets and oh my god. then they got rained on and we ate them in the car
  • last time we came here apple maps navigated us to a dead end seven miles away and then said “you have arrived”, very clearly nowhere near the pin on the map
    • imagine being gaslit by apple maps
    • this time we got it to give directions to the pub in the village
  • we put a kettle on and almost immediately ran out of butane. and then it got rained on
  • i love it here

2. i sold a lens to a friend of a friend

  • i basically never sell anything apart from to CeX
  • the whole deal was struck via twitter dm, it was very civilised
  • i spent half an hour scouring the office for a box of the right size that i hoped might have been abandoned on March 12th 2020
    • eventually i found an amazon box for a logitech mouse. thanks gallal

3. did another minecraft “speed”run

  • with gallal and rowan and luke and chris
    • i’m on my phone can’t be fucked with hyperlinks sorry lads
  • i tried to solo the nether again and died, a lot, this time
  • next time we’re instituting a “no villages” rule so most of the group don’t spend their time camping
    • im not salty i just died a lot okay

4. my small eurorack case is dead

  • idk what happened one day it just didn’t turn on
  • i tried taking it apart and it turns out epoxying the power supply to the case isn’t helpful maybe
    • i broke the bus board clean in half. lol
  • i can rebuild her. stronger. faster. I have the technology

5. i am trying to write this on my phone and wow is it bad

  • who even wrote this blog app