a pale slim ghost

is Kara Brightwell

imagine being able to upload images to a blog

by Kara Brightwell

using ActiveStorage it's kind of not even a thing? i drag a file on to the browser and send a form and it just goes into the database? like this frog on a unicycle:

frog on a unicycle

that's stored in Postgres as a Large Object, isn't that neat

i added dragging in markdown files to save them as posts a while back. soon i'll be able to drag an entire folder of things, like the markdown export of a Bear note with its image files, or a TextBundle (which is the exact same thing) and it'll upload everything and submit the markdown files. it's like half an hour away from being able to do that but it's eleven so

this blog is an open source rails app: https://github.com/apaleslimghost/ghost-computer. maybe you'll find the secret log in button