weeknotes #11: leman locke

i guess i write weeknotes on wednesdays now

we’re on holiday this week

we stayed two nights in this frickin, hotel:

for millennial hipsters (hi). we did hipster tourist things like Brick Lane and the Thames Path. i went to a gin pub with Rowan and Charlotte and drank a chilli negroni and played Subjective Guess Who and i went to a spa and i wore a bikini in front of real people and everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.

tonight i made roast beef short rib and if you ever want to make Pub Roast Beef, buy some short rib from a supermarket and just like cook it any way you know because oh my god

top rope climbing

so those queer climbers have a weekly meet up at a different climbing wall in London. last week was The Castle: it’s this ridiculous victorian water pumping station that’s, well, it’s a castle, and in the nineties some people built a climbing wall in it.

top rope climbing is a different beast to bouldering. you need a partner to belay you (hold your rope and catch you if you fall). so it was pretty much “hi! i’m Kara” “i’m Lisa” “i trust you with my life now” “same”

i used to be good at climbing but that’s okay, i will be again