weeknotes #9: fucken wimdy

it fucken WIMDY

Storm Eunice hit two days ago and it was actually kind of scary to be told by the Meteorological Office “hazard to life from flying debris”. we shut the cat in, charged our battery packs, made sure we had enough candles and butane and didn’t go outside.

around the corner a row of houses’ garden walls fell down and are blocking the pavement. the vent on the boiler flue is still going ham rattling as i type.

Storm Franklin is on the way, i hear.

queer climbing

i went climbing, again, this afternoon. i tried less hard, and things still hurt. climbing is pretty social: i actually talk to strangers when i climb? i got chatting to some people about this one route we were taking turns on, that i apparently made look easy (sorry! i climb only for me), and it took them about two minutes before inviting me to their queer climbers’ Discord server.

we spent the next hour and a half following each other around and chatting and taking turns on bouldering routes, and if you’re reading this Emma and Beth and Amika(? sorry i didn’t quite catch your name, it was loud and i’m awkward) you are all cute and lovely and i can’t wait to see you again


work said i could have a new laptop. i said “i’ll be at the office on tuesday”. work said “”. i went to the office and they were like “you never booked a slot with us”. i said “whatever, book me a slot please”. they said “we don’t have any 32GB ram laptops”. i said “whatever, 16GB is fine”. they said “would you like this 16″ pro”; i was like “oh dope, i didn’t know you had those, sweet. is it an M1” and they said “oh, no, lol, it’s a 2019 16″”. i said “please just give me whatever new macbook you have, i literally don’t care” and they said “cool can you be in the office on tuesday”.

it’ll still be fucked up with jamf and sophos anyway. i don’t know why i bother

things change

a bunch of people i love are leaving my employer and istg i’m gonna be still working there as a sixty year old lady that nobody can get rid of because she knows how all the Spicy Code works