weeknotes #7: surprise presentations

new case who dis

(sorry, this bit’s pretty nerdy, skip on if you don’t care)

i built a new eurorack case. this one’s designed to be a portable live techno set in a box. it’s massively inspired by the mylarmelodies Suggested System video with the same premise, except:

  • rhythms and modulation are handled by Pamela’s New Workout and the 6eqencer. no external clocks here
  • mylarmelodies uses Percall for a bunch of mixing, muting and drum envelope duties. i’ve got a Pico Drums and my own Mallards for that
  • the main voice is a Knit (a 6hp Plaits clone) which has a built in decay envelope so no envelope/VCA needed
  • i managed to get a μBurst in there. i love Clouds derivatives

the box is actually just straight from Amazon. i happened to find one with internal dimensions that are exactly 58hp × 4u. it’s pretty cramped inside; the deepest modules are but millimetres shallower than the case itself, so i had to get creative to make the power bus and all the cables fit.

just need to learn how to play it now.

i gave two surprise presentations on thursday

by “surprise” i mean “i forgot they were happening until five minutes before”. still a disaster ✌️

  1. i talked to the Engineering Enablement group about Tool Kit. EE is the part of FT Technology that makes stuff for other parts of FT Technology. my team is the bit of Customer Products that makes stuff for other bits of CP. we’ve been working on completely rethinking our shitty ageing unreliable developer tooling, and EE was like “owo what’s this”. it went pretty well!

  2. our Tech Director, Anna, has been meeting with all the tech leads in the group to relearn how all our tech works after being on leave for a while. my team owns most of the weird old stuff in the group, so we had a fun hour chatting about what we could do about that and what the future might look like.

speaking of old weird tech

my team did another mobbing week. this time we were learning how the FT.com Fastly configuration worked. we started the week not knowing anything really about how VCL worked, and by wednesday were asking each other questions like “if this request is always doing PASS and then restart how would we ever cache that response”. i love my team.

we also spent an afternoon drawing architecture diagrams. in person, on a whiteboard. god i miss whiteboards.

it’s feeling kind of like spring

okay it fuckin WIMDY out there as i write this but yesterday my brain presented me with a strange new emotion that i eventually realised was “lack of seasonal depression”. we’re almost there, lxds.