weeknotes #5: varnish hotbox

1. oops where did three months go

holidays always throw my habits entirely out of the window. i also managed to gate posting my next weeknotes on having edited my photos from camping, which was a terrible thing to do to my brain.

2. whistlestop tour

  1. went camping
  2. went and saw my parents in Yorkshire
  3. went and saw my in-laws in Cornwall
  4. went to the welsh borders and bathed in a hot tub watched by sheep
  5. went camping again but this time it was sort of a festival

3. what if solvent fumes, but too much

when we renovated our kitchen in 2017 we got solid oak worksurfaces, for some reason. never get solid oak worksurfaces, you’ll spend the rest of your life oiling them and they’ll get waterstained anyway. this weekend i finally cracked, bought a tub of the varnish they use in pubs and basketball courts, and spent saturday with a headache.

4. cute keyboard alert

it’s a Corne Cherry v2, with hotswap sockets, gateron green switches, and a cheap etsy knockoff of DSA Hana (but in XDA profile).

the keyboard shop sent me the wrong kit; i bought the cheaper, non-hotswap version. that version was also through-hole soldering; this one is surface-mount.

i’ve never done surface-mount soldering before, and it was way easier than i expected, and now i want to buy every eurorack kit i’ve dismissed because it was surface-mount, and also start designing surface-mount PCBs.

5. things i can’t talk about yet

there’s this one thing, and this other thing, and they’re both really exciting, and maybe i’ll be able to talk about them in a future weeknotes. ggggggggggggg