• how IN PROGRESS was made

    IN PROGRESS is the new album by ASYMPTOTES (me), out now on 972276 Records DK. here’s how each track just barely came together.


    this track actually started out around 2014 with a cracked copy of Ableton Live 9 and even less idea of what i was doing. it was called Red Kite and it was basically a Four Tet knockoff using the jangly bits and whurmp bass you hear in the final track. i would play it in a loop in Session view and sit there going “okay now what” until i quit Ableton disheartened.

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  • weeknotes #11: leman locke

    i guess i write weeknotes on wednesdays now

    we’re on holiday this week

    we stayed two nights in this frickin, hotel:

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  • weeknotes #10: milton keynes

    i have nothing of substance to say about the war in Ukraine

    other than “fuck Putin”.

    chee puts it best:

    btw on world war 4, if you have the wikipedia page for ukraine open in another tab rn i do not need to hear from you

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  • weeknotes #9: fucken wimdy

    it fucken WIMDY

    Storm Eunice hit two days ago and it was actually kind of scary to be told by the Meteorological Office “hazard to life from flying debris”. we shut the cat in, charged our battery packs, made sure we had enough candles and butane and didn’t go outside.

    around the corner a row of houses’ garden walls fell down and are blocking the pavement. the vent on the boiler flue is still going ham rattling as i type.

    Storm Franklin is on the way, i hear.

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  • weeknotes #8: real things

    i went bouldering

    first time in six months; second time since march, twenty-twenty.

    everything hurts.

    that was sunday.

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  • weeknotes #7: surprise presentations

    new case who dis

    (sorry, this bit’s pretty nerdy, skip on if you don’t care)

    i built a new eurorack case. this one’s designed to be a portable live techno set in a box. it’s massively inspired by the mylarmelodies Suggested System video with the same premise, except:

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  • weeknotes #6: peace lily

    a year or so ago, when i still had a therapist, we worked out that i often lose habits because i felt guilty about not having done them, and that guilt transferred to the thought of starting back up again, and she gave me permission to not do that

    i have a studio space

    on trafalgar road, in greenwich, there’s an iceland. above the iceland is this 70’s pebbledash concrete box. i don’t know what it used to be, it’s a very odd building inside. now it is twenty-two small spaces, full of artists, makeup artists, florists, and me.

    i’ve put all my music gear (really just a midi keyboard and an ableton push) in there, and my big eurorack, and my soldering stuff and large collection of electronics parts, and a large peace lily, and i cycle there and make things. it’s really just an expensive way of tricking my brain into hyperfocusing but god damn does it work, i actually get stuff done there.

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  • sound experiments #2: net

    i’m feeling a lot better. here’s another web page that makes pretty sounds:

    it’s a mesh of evenly-spaced random dots (poisson-disc sampled). they’re connected by very loose springs in a Delaunay triangulation. a handful of dots are picked to each play one note of a stacked A minor 11th chord.

    if a dot moves, its note gets quieter. and the dots are always moving: every 0.4 seconds, a random dot gets thrown in a random direction, and that ripples across the whole mesh, causing unpredictable pings and dynamics effects in every note. you can also drag dots around.

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  • sound experiments #1: planets

    i’m sick and when i’m sick i always try making web art and this time i made something i’m proud of and want to show people:

    it’s a simulation of lots of little planets doing gravity at each other, and when they collide they say “blong” in a C minor pentatonic scale. that’s it! it looks like this:

    and you can click that to hear what it sounds like too.

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